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HA KO | Summer Linden

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The morning glory is the most typical flower of summer in Japan.
The flowers that bloom in the strong sunlight represent summer itself, but the green leaves also make you feel you are in the height of summer.

It is scented with sweet-aroma linden flowers. Linden trees are often seen on the grounds of temples in early summer.

Individually packaged for greetings, to show your appreciation, or for daily use. Anti-bacterial and deodorant effect when burned. Please try them all to find the one that you like best.

HA KO (Zelkova) W 30 mm x H 84 mm
Mounting paper 84 mm sq., outer bag 90 mm sq.

When burning, use non-flammable felt (sold separately).
Burning Time: 5-7 mins each leaf.



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